What Is Darwinex Zero

Darwinex Zero is a new type of virtual account that trades with virtual funds but under real market conditions.

A D-Zero account generates a track record of the trader’s performance and allows the trader to create an investible index (DARWIN). With the DARWIN and in a short period of time, the trader will be able to receive allocations and manage Darwinex seed capital (DarwinIA).

Here are the details:

How Can Darwinex Zero Help You

Darwinex Zero will help you propel your trading career regardless of whether you are a beginner trader, a trader that has struggled to beat the market, or a trader that already beats the market and is looking to attract third-party capital.

D-Zero For Beginner And Developing Traders

  • You can start trading without the need to contribute your own capital, which is a huge benefit if you don’t have yet the confidence in your strategy or simply don’t have the capital.
  • The environment is competitive and highlights the best traders, which is a great opportunity to learn from the best.

  • A zero-risk account means you will not suffer from loss aversion, which is one of the main reasons that make beginner traders fail.
  • You will be able to earn performance fees through DarwinIA (Darwinex seed capital allocation program).

D-Zero For Managers and Aspiring Managers

  • You will access DarwinIA (Darwinex seed capital allocation program) and investor capital and earn performance fees.

  • Take part in Darwinex Zero with no need of changing your broker

  • You have the option of migrating your track record to Darwinex and rank faster in DarwinIA

  • Your intellectual property is protected, your trades will not be disclosed to other traders or investors

  • Possibility of creating your private label

Darwinex or D-Zero

Both Darwinex and Darwinex Zero are addressed to traders that aim to manage third-party capital and both services allow traders to become investable by listing DARWINs. However, there are a few differences and depending on your goals and experience you might prefer one or the other.

In short, the main difference from Darwinex and D-Zero is that with the latter you don’t need to open a real account; you evolve in a zero-risk environment while being able to manage investors’ capital in a legal and simple way.

Trading with virtual funds means that your personal capital is not at risk, and this have two clear advantages.

  1. Psychological factors that affect trading decisions are eliminated are eliminated. This is quite beneficial even for us, algorithmic traders, because while we are not subject to emotions during the execution of our trades, we do experience emotions like loss aversion when our algorithms win or lose.
  2. You will not have capital constraints, which means that you can apply whatever risk management you desire.

D-Zero Vs Funded Accounts

Some might think of D-Zero like funded accounts, but they are not the same, actually they are black and white. Have a look at the comparison below to see how different they are:

Prop Firm Funded Accounts

Business Model

Business model consists of keeping the success rate of their traders below a threshold.


They ask the trader to achieve, in a short period of time, a high profit target while maintaining a low drawdown. This pushes the trader to overleverage thus conditioning its success on luck.

Market Conditions

Many promise to move traders to real and trade with real funds once they pass the evaluations but that never happens. Even worst, some scam their customers by selling them bots that pass their first evaluation but fails on the next.


Prop firms make money selling evaluations, so it is in their interest that traders fail them so they buy again. This means that funded accounts life is short and once terminated the trader is left with nothing to start a new account again.


Traders usually get paid about 85% of the profits they make trading the prop firm capital.

Darwinex Zero Accounts

Business Model

Business model consists of getting the highest rate of winning traders for investors.


D-Zero does not impose restrictions on your trading; any strategies are welcome without profit targets, drawdown, and time limits.

Market Conditions

D-Zero accounts trade in a virtual account that simulate real market conditions. This is necessary since DARWINs must replicate the trader’s strategy under real market conditions with the minimum divergence possible.


Darwinex Zero is not about a short-term vision of trading: It pivots on the track record as a fundamental pillar of a successful and sustainable career over time.


Traders get paid 15% of the profits their index make to investors as concept of performance fee.

You might see this as a negative point in favor of funded accounts, but the reality is that 15% are wholesale market conditions in the mutual fund and managed products industry – no investor would accept getting just 20% of their investment (Think about it: if the trader makes 10% the investor would get 2%, but if the trader loses 10% then the investor would lose 10%).

Bonus Offer

Darwinex Zero will become available during next months and it will have a cost of a one-time payment and monthly subscription. Final price is yet to be announced, but they are telling us that you can become a manager for less of what it costs a gym subscription!

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Darwinex Zero

Trade risk-free and access third-party capital

Coming soon…

I personally can’t wait for this new service to be available, as some of my personal systems require very high capital and D-Zero is perfect for that, so I’ll be there trading myself and I hope to see you too!